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Matsirga Waterfalls

Matsirga Waterfalls

Matsirga Waterfalls take its source from springs on the Kagoro hills cascading from four different natural funnels off the sheer rock cliff from about 25 metres to form a large pool at the bottom.

Situated in Madakiya close to Kafanchan, about 227 kilometers south of Kaduna, the water at Matsirga Waterfalls drops 30 meters into a gorge that has been supported by beautiful rocks. The fresh cool breeze around the area has something to offer for tourists.

At the point of impact with the river, the cascading showers of the fall create a rainbow-like mist which appears and disappears mysteriously.

The river formed by Matsirga Waterfalls increase with the rainy season overflowing its banks. A natural rock shelter at the river bank forms a cover and resting place for picnicking. Like a half umbrella, it provides shade for tourists amidst the wondrous continuous waterfall.

A heritage resort known as Madikiya Heritage Resort is being developed by a private investor within the fall area to serve the relaxation needs of tourists and visitors.

Also, the proximity of the Kagoro Hills and Nok Museum provides an added advantage to tourists visiting the area.